Home on the Red Island Collection

Home is where the heart is, and my heart is where family & friends are, and where I can walk for miles on a picturesque beach, my toes tickled by the red sand, or hike in a welcoming forest trail with my feet grounded in the red soil. Prince Edward Island is my Home, therefore, I am Home on the Red Island.

About Angie Arsenault
About The Artist

Angie Arsenault

A singer-songwriter from Prince Edward Island, Canada, who recently got back into painting after a rather long hiatus, looking for a new medium for self expression. Using mainly acrylics on canvas, her earlier pieces focused on impressionistic landscapes, inspired by the beauty of Prince Edward Island, but Angie’s ongoing experimentations have led her to explore her creativity through abstract art as of late.  If you gaze long enough into her work, you may start to see a certain musical influence.

Home on the Red Island Collection

25% of all proceeds will be donated to the Island Nature Trust

Prince Edward Island looks like one of the patchwork quilts my dear grandma used to make, and our security blanket is nature, but it must be looked after so it can continue to protect us from the pressures of extreme storm events. I wish to show my support to the Island Nature Trust’s fund called “Mend a Patch”, to help bring the remaining untouched patches into protection and, through conservation efforts, mend the ones that have the potential to combat the effects of climate change.


A few selected prints from the collection “Home on the Red Island” will be available soon (for a limited time). 

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Art by Angie A
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