À La Mer - To The Sea

March 2023

To The Sea  is a collection of paintings, using acrylic and PEI sand & soil on canvas, explores the idea of being in flow; returning to the source; recognizing how pieces fit together in a natural pattern of events. Like a river to the sea, the tides of experience Ebb & Flow. On a personal note, this body of work expresses how it feels for me to be back home on Prince Edward Island.

10% of all proceeds from this collection will go to the Island Nature Trust’s stewardship fund called “Mend A Patch”, created to help restore the ecosystem that protected us during Hurricane Fiona.

May these paintings serve as reminders of the precious grounds we walk upon, the beauty that surrounds us, and the responsibility we all have to care for it.

To my wonderful art collectors, together, we are “patch menders”. Merci beaucoup!

Angie Arsenault
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